Company History

Sugar Fire began in early 2023. Founded by Gena and Sandi when it became apparent that there was an overwhelming need for support in training, execution, and brand development in so many aspects of the Hospitality industry. The strong desire to help all execute at a high level and understanding that not all companies have the resources to maintain executive level leadership in order to build and maintain consistency, Sugar Fire was created. We provide the tools and structure to improve operations. After all, what happens to sugar when you add fire? It crystallizes and becomes more resilient. Our fire burns bright to help our clients lead the way.

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Our Mission

To have fun, create quality materials, bring educated and fresh perspectives and help establish stronger foundations for our partners. We foster an environment of continuous improvement. Our values bring expert training and development of teams, specialized products and operationally sound processes.

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Guiding Principles

Every day we are reminded to look for opportunities to rise up and build new relationships. Operating with over 70 years of combined experience, we offer excitement, passion, and results to teams. It is our goal to provide absolute transparency and lead the way to bringing true faith and integrity to business. We understand that as integrity grows, so does the trust others place in us. 

Core Values

Community Involvement

Communities make us stronger. Sugar Fire believes it is an essential part of a business to help impact our community. Establishing a presence in a cause outside of ourselves, selfless service, and building trusted relationships with each other


It is our duty to deliver quality products.
We understand investing in people
means never taking shortcuts and
ensuring we provide the proper tools to
support the teams in as many capacities
as possible.

Personal Courage

Personal courage is defined as facing your fears and standing up to act on all things honorable. It is our desire to have personal courage in our actions and foster respect for others. In so doing, we will bring better ideas and deliver better results for our industry.

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Gena Westergaard

Growing up in restaurants, the importance of detailed operational and training processes was implemented in me at an early age. Now, with over 40 years of hands-on experience in creating many successful menus, special events, beverage programs, complete restaurant trainings including full new restaurant openings and Train the Trainer programs from scratch, I am excited to bring this knowledge to help others be successful in our wonderful industry!
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Sandi Schmitt

With over 30 years of restaurant experience, and a strong background in training and development, I’ve had the privilege of being a guide for many employees and industry leaders. I’m a certified Sommelier, have developed various educational platforms, and believe all things Hospitality ought to be fun, exciting, and not for the select few.

We Bring Innovation

Why Choose Sugar Fire

 Sugar Fire Consulting brings over 70 years of operational experience to you. We provide quality standardized training materials, tailored materials created especially for your location, special offerings as well as complete New Restaurant opening packages. We offer crafted cocktails that will be unique and photo worthy, as well as specialized curated wine/beer lists tailored to your needs and food. All processes will be trained, launched and supported with training materials to ensure success. Our long list of vendor relationships help ensure your profit margins. We are detail oriented, and passionate about what we do!



Everything starts with people, the right people in the right places. We build tailored tools for you and your teams.



Quality training materials for your teams. Detailed, trained, and launched for your business.



Description: We identify needs to help support your profit. Training, crafted cocktails, curated wine and beer lists.